Documentary and KYC requirements for due diligence compliance of foreign clients

1. Authenticated copy of passport/view of original passport and/or valid national identity card;

2. Utility bills required to verify permanent residential address of company officers. Utility bills must not be older than 6 months old. Ideally any utility bills provided in a language other than English are to have a translated version attached;

3. Suitable introductory verification of details and references from a bank or other party acceptable to us (for example reputable professional, Lawyer, Public Notary, Chartered Accountant, Government Ministry/Embassy or Consulate). Referee’s identity must be clear. References/verification of details will be confirmed with issuer.

4. If any funds are to be transferred, a declaration of the origin of funds together with supporting documentation.

5. In the case of corporate entities, an original / certified copy of the company’s constitutive Memorandum and Articles of association and the company’s Certificate of Registration. Documentary evidence listed above for all directors, company secretary, subscribers or signatories to act on behalf of the corporate account. The identification of the underlying beneficial owner of a company is also required in respect of foreign registered companies where the shares are held by a nominee, fiduciary or other corporate entity.

6. In the case of corporate entities – additional information to be provided include Auditor’s details, scope of activity and a declaration re any pending litigation and whether the company is active, to be dissolved or wound up.

7. In the case of Non-EU legal persons, a copy of the incorporation certificate and certificate of good standing would be required. In the case of natural persons, police conduct certificate will be required.

In order to adhere to the “know your customer” principle we may require additional information and or documentation together with the above. Client may be requested to update any of the above documentary evidence upon request.