The Republic of Malta is full member of the European Union since 2004, Malta is a jurisdiction of choice for a number of legal, financial and corporate entities. Malta’s economic performance throughout the recent euro zone crisis which affected a number Member States of the European Union is testimony to its strong economic and financial standing thanks to its open market economy, strong banking sector and avant-garde ICT infrastructure, which is also reflected in the impressive developments in the remote gaming industry sector on the island.

Investors considering Malta as their principal business jurisdiction will benefit from a dynamic economy based on international trade and international business, a highly skilled mult-lingual work force, accessible management fees and professional services. Moreover, Malta offers political stability, healthy industrial relations, a pleasant living environment and an excellent ICT infrastructure.

This attitude is also reflected by the major regulatory authorities in various fields of activity which are reknowned for their integrity while seeking to strike a balance with today’s business demands in a fast moving working environment.

In the light of the above, it is no wonder that many world class companies have already successfully implemented their business operations or have established their presence on the Island in various areas of business activities, including the gaming, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, financial services, maritime and aviation sectors.
Some basic facts about Malta:

– The Republic of Malta is an archipelago consisting of seven Islands with Malta being the major island.
– Malta is a full member of the European Union since the 1st May 2004 and its currency is the Euro which was formally adopted on the 1st January 2008
– While the official language is Maltese, English is a second language and most locals are fluent in Italian, French or German.
– Malta is classifed as an Advanced Economy by the International Monetary Fund.